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Our Story

ASC emerged from 150,000 miles on the road with all kinds of people in the many different places where American soccer lives.


It began with a simple goal: in August 2016, William Gordon launched an independent project to preserve the histories of American soccer’s builders. Envisioned as an Open Source public history project, William set out to ensure the public would keep the stories and experiences of leading participants in soccer's most critical and iconic American moments. Criss-crossing the country in a 2000 Toyota Avalon to record builder histories, his journeys revealed a story spanning 150 years about soccer in American society.


Blending public history studies across the nation; turn-every-page archival research; soccer and sport histories plus William's grassroots-to-US national team investigations across 40 states, a staggering untold story unfolded through the eyes and experiences of soccer's people, through the perspective of the wider American public, and countless stories about the world's game in America.


In 2018, William brought together ASC's Founding Members to expand and organize his work into ASC's flagship projects.


ASC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit company.