Our Story

ASC, the American Soccer Corps, is a 501(c)(3) civic research and education company that emerged from Open Source Soccer, a project to preserve the histories of American soccer’s builders. 


In August 2016, William Gordon began recording oral histories with the men and women whose direct involvement in local, national, and international soccer organizations and events created American soccer's modern era.


Long-form interviews with builders were conducted on-location across the United States, with travel allowing extensive field and archival research. Beyond the histories, over 5,000 photographs and several dozen short videos capture American soccer today.


From these interviews emerged a quintessential American underdog story about soccer, our people, and the American public during the game’s 150 year history here.

In May 2018, our Founding Directors created an organization to enrich historical perspective and civic participation by learning, preserving, and sharing America’s soccer story.

ASC has three goals:

  1. Establish the Modern American Soccer Oral History Archive.

  2. Preserve documents and images essential to soccer’s history in the U.S.

  3. Produce the documentary series America’s Soccer Story.


The interview archive currently holds 425+ hours with more than 125 builders. When complete, we anticipate it will hold 900+ hours with ~250 builders. Our relationships with libraries, universities, and national soccer organizations will enable free archive access and use by the public, historians, and researchers.


Builder interview production will be completed in 2023.


Story development for America’s Soccer Story began in Fall 2018, with series release planned in conjunction with USA 2026.


a 501(c)(3) civic research and educational firm


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